Books & Courses

  • We are all on a journey, the long and difficult journey of being human. The maps offered in this book and ebook use the metaphor of a journey:
    • we have a vehicle to travel in
    • we journey through a variety of terrain
    • we seek to arrive at an ultimate destination
  • THE POWER OF MIND is available in a 2CD Audio Course or downloadable audiobook. Our mind is the creative force behind our lives, determining our experiences and happiness. By harnessing the power of self-hypnosis you can create the personal transformation you want. Using a combination of written explanations and audio processes, this course will give you the understanding and confidence necessary to begin healing your life.
  • The-Mystical-Rose Journey Book Card Set
    Box set $99 plus postage and handling. This beautifully presented card and book set gives you all you need for a profound, experiential journey through The Mystical Rose Gallery. Through the use of mystical art and insightful words, following the step-by-step guidance contained within will take you on a transformative voyage of self-discovery and illumination.