About James Hands

James Hands is a professionally qualified and experienced Psychologist, Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapist. James is committed to assisting people from all walks of life to find physical, emotional and psychological healing, and experience freedom in their lives as they discover their deepest potentials. “My passion and purpose in life is helping people to face, embrace and clear whatever issues are clouding their life, so that they may regain their pure consciousness as spirit and enjoy the open sky of their being once more. I call upon many years of professional training and experience to work with you in ways specific to your personal situation. If you are ready to take full responsibility for your healing journey and connect with your true soul essence, it is my privilege to assist you.”

Our Two Realities

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  The separation is not symbolic. It is an order of reality, or a system of thought, which is perfectly real in time, though not in eternity.  A Course in Miracles T-3.XI.5:2-3.   Our healing [...]

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