Awaken Therapy

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.    Albert Einstein

Our world has changed dramatically since the beginning of 2020 due to the spread of a virus and the various responses to it. Fear has gripped humanity in new and intense ways, so the need for centering, healing, light and love has never been greater.

For some, the fear follows the story of the mainstream narrative: a deadly, mutating virus is spreading through the world and must be contained at all costs to keep us safe; western medical intervention through vaccinating until we achieve herd immunity is our only hope; any losses of freedom, choice and economic prosperity are unfortunate but necessary until this problem is solved.

For others, the fear goes down the dark rabbit hole of ‘conspiracy’: the virus was made in a laboratory and released to provide grounds for the corporate elite to sell a solution at great profit; these new experimental drugs are not safe, killing many and damaging our DNA longer term; the population is being conditioned to accept restrictions of movement, business and thought, ever-increasing surveillance, controls and policing, and ultimately a great reset to a technocratic world order.

Regardless of where our beliefs position us on this continuum – at either extreme or somewhere in between – the problem remains: fear is fear is fear. When we are in fear, we contract inwards. Our rational questioning and analysis dries up. We feel threatened, and begin to threaten others who scare us. We experience anxiety, panic and eventually lose access to healthy function in our mind, emotions and body. We are disconnected within ourselves and separate from others. This is hell on earth.

Yet fear is to love what dark is to light; the temporary absence of what is real. Just as every shade of dark disappears when light is present, so does our fear evaporate when we return to love. Love is health. Love is peace and joy. Love is our birthright, our psychological home ground, our spiritual inheritance, our true natural state.

Now is the time for us to face our shadows with courage and awareness. As we notice our trauma-wounding heal through gentle embrace, let us reclaim the truth of our real Self, the deepest heart of our humanity. With so many tossed about in fear at present, the world needs us to be anchored in truth-beauty-goodness-love.

The more we individually realign to our core, actively choosing the higher frequencies beyond ego, the more our consciousness transcends the level of the problem. When enough people achieve this state, a critical mass is reached; tipping point attained and our collective consciousness shifts upwards. A new heaven on earth.

Nothing can destroy truth. Good can withstand any form of evil, because light abolishes all forms of darkness.     A Course in Miracles (T-3.III.8:1-2)