The separation is not symbolic. It is an order of reality, or a system of thought, which is perfectly real in time, though not in eternity.  A Course in Miracles T-3.XI.5:2-3.


Our healing journey begins with our very human experience as separate beings moving through time and space. We perceive ourselves to be apart from everyone else, alone, threatened and lacking: our belief, born from this thought system, rests on the idea that we have created ourselves as completely independent body-brain-personalities dealing with a hostile world. Our isolation, our ego minds, our fear-guilt-rage, all stem from this core belief.


Deep, holistic psychotherapy always takes us (eventually) beyond the wounding of our childhood, ancestral traumas, past life scars and collective burdens. As we correct the misperceptions and clear the emotional charge of life experiences not fully processed, we create more and more space for a greater reality to shine into our minds. The relative time-space reality of fear, separation, duality is gradually dismantled, allowing our consciousness to increasingly know our real Self.


Transpersonal psychology acknowledges this transcendent reality, exploring the many varied pathways that all lead to the ‘Rome’ of our spiritual nature. While our lower mind perceives matter, judges and identifies with this world of form and physicality, the higher mind knows the other dimension of our being. We connect with the “Kingdom of Heaven” in moments of epiphany, revelation, stillness; we experience glimpses of peace and freedom as we come home to the truth-beauty-goodness in our heart of hearts.


Everything which everyone does on the planet – however distorted and misguided these behaviours can be – is motivated by this yearning for the love we somehow remember is within us. All thoughts, feelings, actions are either the expressionof love or a call for love. As we honour our longing to re-member or re-join the separated fragments of our mind, through personal development, healing, study, therapy, spiritual practices and so on, we are responding to the gentle, patient call of Love to return to the greater Reality of eternity we never truly lost.


Reference: A Course in Miracles: Complete & Annotated Edition (Sedona, AZ USA; The Circle of Atonement, 2017).