You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. Buckminster Fuller

Our existing reality, the life we are experiencing around us, is always a precise mirror of our internal state. The model we hold within – consciously and unconsciously – is like an energetic magnet. We attract certain people, things, events, and repel others. The universal law of attraction, like gravity and planetary orbits, operates constantly whether we like what shows up or not.

There is no point fighting this law by trying to change what is outside us. While there are times to stand up for things externally, our true power of change lies internally. New, improved models (which essentially contain more love) will always transmute the old, more fearful ones. Hypnotherapy is a very effective tool for getting to these old models and building new ones.

By dropping below the threshold of our normal, waking consciousness with hypnosis, we have access to residual patterns of thought, emotion and sensation that may be recreating our problems. Eyes-closed work (in which you are always awake and in control, despite the appearances in stage hypnosis!), allows you to locate fragments of self that need love and attention. The support of a professional therapist makes this manageable and safe.

We all have parts that are stuck in trauma, defense or negativity. When life experiences are overwhelming, we shutdown in hurt and often develop negative beliefs about self and others. Hypnotherapy gives us a way to bring corrective experiences to these parts: we step in to defend the attacked child, we hand back the pain and confusion someone projected onto us, we let the shamed self know the truth of their innocence.

By working at the level of unconscious mind and cellular (body) consciousness, we can clear the emotional charge and replace the dysfunctional models that would otherwise keep appearing externally until our dying day. Although we cannot change history, we can completely rewrite it in our inner experience. Our new, internal model can be one of empowerment, safety and love. And because we create our own reality through the law of attraction, these changes then will automatically show up in our life.

At Awaken Therapy, it is our joy and privilege to assist you in healing the old models and building new ones of peace, thriving and fulfillment.