All things have their own nature, and yet they are all equal in terms of truth. Dogen Zenji

We are all fragmented inside. Since birth, even conception, we have all gone through overwhelming experiences, stresses and traumas; when life presents too much to deal with at the time, we humans have the ability to split off and bury those parts within. We cope and survive, but at the cost of losing connection with portions of ourselves.

Ever felt unable to respond properly in a situation, maybe freezing when talking to someone who ‘pushes your buttons’? Or over-reacting when tired, sick or stressed? These are signs that a part of us is stuck, blocked or suppressed, and is showing itself in the hope of being healed. The role of counselling is to find and reintegrate these parts. And every single part of you is important.

Consider another example of community: In our physical body, every cell has a specific part to play. No two cells are exactly the same; every cell matters. If a cell is not doing its job for some reason, we have a health problem such as cancer. So through good nutrition, fresh air, sleep and exercise, we offer support for the best functioning of our whole community of cells.

Another example is a healthy society, in which every person is valued and respected regardless of appearance, status and ability. A thriving community celebrates the achievers and supports those struggling with physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems. Every citizen is important; everyone has a role to play in the whole.

In the same way, every part of the community of your being is essential to be whole and complete. Counselling is the process of uncovering the parts needing loving attention – old experiences that were too difficult or painful to process – then with our conscious awareness, and the support of a skilled psychotherapist, we help the stuck energies clear.

Every time we reclaim one of our parts and help it out of its blocked isolation, we feel an expansive shift within. Our mind becomes clearer, our heart quieter, our body more relaxed, our soul more present. While challenging at the start, the results of counselling are wonderful and lead to celebration: another member of the community of our being has come home.