“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

Our problems stem from the mind. It is our negative thoughts and beliefs that generate our dark emotions, anxiety and depression. Our fear-based thinking drives our destructive behaviours towards self and others. Even on the physical level, stress (and the negative thinking it contains) has been linked to 95% of illness. We can trace almost every difficulty and struggle in our lives all the way back to a problematic thought.

Often we look at our problems – talking about them, ruminating on them, trying to fix them – on the same level of consciousness that created them. We find ourselves going around in circles, not getting any resolution, because there is no significant shift in awareness involved. We are frantically rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, but the ship is still going down!

Sharing problems helps when the person we talk with has a better, clearer consciousness to bring to the issue than we do. The shift comes from the greater light now shining on the concern. Sometimes a wise and mature friend can be that person with the higher level of mind; sometimes we need a professional counsellor or psychotherapist.

In essence, it is always and only love that heals. Pure love is the highest level of consciousness that exists, so the greater the love our mind connects with, the greater the healing and dis-solving of problems. This is why it feels good to be around people who we love and whom love us.

Awaken Therapy acknowledges and incorporates the deepest part of our being, the loving soul we are at our core. By discovering and nurturing our spiritual dimension, we are bringing as much light as possible into the shadows, transmuting the endarkened energies and ‘loving them to death’. In truth, what was never real simply vanishes.

By incorporating the depths of our eternal soul in the healing process, we move to the highest level of consciousness we can attain, and get maximum leverage in solving the problems we brought to therapy. Instead of repetitively wiping over the mould, we apply a powerful cleanser – pass the sodium bicarbonate please! When we bring our spiritual Self into the process of change, we find things shift easily and permanently. This frees us up to be the loving, expansive, creative beings we were born to be.